Final judgment can be scary. But not for me.

Angel: All rise the honorable Yahweh is now presiding.

Yahweh: This court is in session, Mr. Prosecutor you argument please.

Prosecutor: Well Sarah Klum here has committed (begins reading a LONG list of sins and dates)

Me: (shrinking down in my seat because the defenders chair is empty)

Prosecution: I rest my case your honor.

Yahweh: And for the defense (poof in pops Jesus)

Jesus: Hey dad, sorry I am just in time arriving, I was sitting in back polishing my sandals.

Yahweh: Proceed with the defense.

Jesus (looks slyly at the prosecution who now sinks in his seat) Well dad she loves me, she isn’t perfect, but she is one of mine. Has she sinned? Sure. But my blood cleansed her sins and by my love I forgive them father.

Yahweh: Welcome to heaven Sarah Klum.

/celebration dance oh and big hugs for Jesus since I have waited my whole adult life to hug him

It’s that simple and why I don’t fear judgment day.