I read on a blog today: 

Allah is the mountain above the mountain, and it is He who entertains the idea — or not — of our next hour on the earth.

This is why Afghans are reluctant to bet on tomorrow. Tomorrow is not ours to presume upon. Tomorrow is the pleasure of Allah alone.

Muslims never hope or dream for tomorrow because Allah tells them not to. As a Christian I am told to hope and believe in tomorrow. Because to me tomorrow is a promise from my lord and savior Yah’Shua (Jesus Christ). 

It would be sad to go through each day with no Hope and no Dreams of tomorrow. For me and for Christians and Jews world wide tomorrow isn’t just a concept it’s a bright promise. In this life or the next I will always know tomorrow.

Because of my faith I know the sun will always rise on a new day forever and ever Amen.

One more distinction between Yahweh and Allah (A dream, a hope and a promise of tomorrow)