Update on Michelle and an insight into suicide. The rational decision to an irrational problem.


(Sarah’s update)

First I know this will be a long update. Sorry there is much to share and elaborate upon. So please bear with me, but be warned it’s a LONG update.


Michelle is a tough gal. We all knew that of course. The doctors expected her to be wheeled out of here and need physical therapy to walk again after possibly a month in a wheel chair. They thought the pain would be to much and she’d need to be babied.

I told them they were wrong. She proved me right.

She is now sitting up in bed on her own power, standing and walking about for short distances. There is some pain she said but “It’s not as bad as they said it would be.” She walks to the bathroom and to the chair in the room. Yesterday she walked to the family visiting room.

Today she…

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