To quote Thumper from Bambi: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Michelle has worked hard for this and I know there are “friends” who look for anyway they can to back hand her. Not very good “friends” if you ask me. You know the same friends who still live in high school days and to feel good about themselves they put the actual smart kids down. Yeah those need not reply.

Now onto the big news!

Michelle was born deaf and has pushed herself hard for this. Since getting her implants she has learned to play the guitar, speak, sing, pitch, tempo, everything in a year. Hell six months ago she still couldn’t speak enough answer her son. Today she showed her family, her high school town, friends and the world her new voice. Today I share it with you.

Again like it, whatever but be nice or get bent because unlike nice, kind hearted Michelle I won’t deal with your SHIT. You couldn’t do as well as she has in a million years. If you were born deaf you wouldn’t be half the person she is.

She is an incredible person with a huge heart. She is the smartest person I know and she is kind as well. Those qualities alone make her special. Add her caring heart and giving nature and she has all those who would put her down beat as a person and a human being in every way.

She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. She has fought tooth and nail for every inch of what she has. She is beautiful inside and out.

She reads and writes 4 languages, graduated college with a degree in Information Technologies. She works for a large retailer managing the Information Technologies Security and Disaster Recovery team. She signs and is now learning to speak, play guitar and sing. She is a writer, a musician, a song writer and I bet not many of you are “considering” a deal to write a book about YOUR life.

That’s right Michelle is considering an offer to publish her book which she is toying with. If she does she is thinking about naming it naming “My Voice”. I might have jumped the gun with this news but I love this gal and I am so proud of her.

Love you babe you did GREAT! A true Christmas miracle tonight! No one else could do the things you do and make it look so dam easy! You are truly the most incredible person I know.

All my love forever, Sarah